How to get rid of thick skin on the feet?


“A thousand miles begins with a single step”, this saying is used to describe the importance of the feet. The feet bear almost all of the body weight, and we are busy rushing here and there in order to make a living. One day’s walking makes the feet pressure and fatigue. Except the hot water, nothing will be effective. In fact, foot treatments usually are ignored. Over time, the skin becomes rough and has a lot of dead skin, along with the sun’s radiation, the delicate white feet lost their original appearance. How to get rid of the dead skin and improve foot?

Vinegar has the effect to soften the skin and kill the bactericidal. It also can make the sunburn feet turn to white. However, here the acidity of vinegar is lower and the irritation to skin is small. Salt can be used to scrub sterilization, removal, softening foot thick skin. The method is as follows:

How to get rid of thick skin on the feet?

Wine vinegar salt foot bath
Ordinary vinegar 500mL, a string of grapes, a little salt.
1 fresh grapes washed with water, then peele, seede, then squeeze into juice, then pour the vinegar, place in a cool place three days better.
(2) Note that the temperature is not too high! The best choice for salt, although the effect is slow, but do not hurt the body, but severe symptoms, it can be used with alum.
Step / methods
The first step: soak feet.
Prepare a basin of water about 50 ℃ or so, should deepen the surface. Waiting for the temperature drops, add about 1 cup of wine vinegar 100mL and continue to soak 5 minutes.
Step two: rub foot.
Feet lay the foam with your fingers pinching part of salt on the palm, rub a small amount of water, on the soles of the feet of the open, with the palm and thumb gently scrub your feet. Use the toe and heel Foot stone to slough off dead skin thicker.
The third step: wash feet.
Soaked in water for a while after changing the water wash your feet, after drying coated with collagen foot cream and gently massage, do not miss the ankles and soles of the feet!

If every home, feet feel more fatigue and swelling began to appear, you can add three drops of water in the foot bath lavender or rosemary flavor, not only can relieve feet fatigue, but also helps to eliminate leg edema.

Each foot bath water temperature should be controlled at 50 ℃ ~ 55 ℃, feet in about 20 minutes time. Average heart of poor people, the water temperature was controlled at about 45 ℃ is better able to reduce the cardiovascular stimulation.

Due to physiological factors, incorrect walking posture, wearing inappropriate shoes, and other factors, easily lead to accumulation of foot cuticle, grow corn. But everything to forestall their control as long as the initial stage in Moe, it will not affect the overall situation. When you find yourself with corns feet long when not upset, it is best to see a doctor, because corn is likely at this time connected with nerves. When the corn is relatively small, you can use the following two methods to solve.
Little secret cure corns
Castor beans (shelled) 1, aloe leaf 1.
The castor bean shell in the pot, heating (hold the oil), or use the fire until after the oil, with chopsticks out, simply press on the corns on topical adhesive tape good for fixing a day with 1, 1 weeks later, corns will automatically fall off.