What Can You Do to Calculate How Much a Cow Eats


It is helpful to determine how much a cow eats. This will tell you when to purchase feed and to ensure there is sufficient supply available can be purchased or harvested. All cows will eat at a different rate which depends on the time of year, the breed and climate, in addition whether the cow is pregnant, producing milk or just a pet. You must weigh the feed before and after to make sure it is available to the cow.

What Can You Do to Calculate How Much a Cow Eats


1.Load the source of feed, such as a round ball of green feed or hay onto a trailer or into a pick-up truck. Take the ball equal to a truck scale and then weigh the loaded trailer or vehicle. Give the ball to the cow after weighing, and then weigh the trailer or truck again.

2.In order to get the starting weight of the bale, subdued the second weight from the first weight. You may want to use the average bale weight provided at purchase of your starting weight if you purchased round bales by weight. But the condition is that you believe it is accurate.

3.You cannot reload the round bale easily once it has been opened. So keep track of how many days that it took the cow to eat up the bale.

4.If you want to get the figure that represents how much the cow ate each day on average, divide the starting bale weight by the number of days it took for the cow to finish it.

5. If it is on a diet of grain-based as it ie being fattened for the butcher, weigh one day’s worth of the cow’s grain approximately. It is permitted that the amount weighs slightly more than you think the cow eats a day, if you are not sure about it.

6.Put the grain into the cow’s groove, and make it accessible for the next 24 hours.

7.Take away whatever grain left in the groove and weigh it again.

8.To determine in that 24-hour period, how much grain the cow ate, subtract the second number from the first.

Warnings and Tips

There is a way to make it easy to weigh the grain, purchase a commercial feed scales. Or, you can purchase bagged brain which has been weighed before, and you only need to weigh the leftover grain.
Weigh yourself holding full buckets of grain if you only have a bathroom scale. Then you will get the total weight of the feed by subtracting your own body weight from the weight of the empty buckets.